Straight Talk LG L38c Optimus Dynamic Review

The LG L38C (Optimus Dynamic) is a mini version of the LG L86C and its compact size is what makes it stand out.  This is a fun and affordable phone that is sure to be a hit once it is released by Straight Talk | NET10.  What makes this phone so cool is that despite its size, it can do so much.  We did notice the camera was less than what we expected and there is no front camera either or flash but since it is so compact, we figured there would be some sacrifices.

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Look and Feel:

One of the best things about the LG L38C Optimus Dynamic is the size. You will either love this phone or absolutely hate it. If you happen to like smaller more compact and manageable phones, then you fall into the love category. In which case, you will also find it interesting that the LG L38c Optimus Dynamic has a textured back that helps against dropping it although, if you did drop this phone, the damage will be minimal but you dont want to damage the deep gray on black finish. There is no fancy chrome or silver on this phone but it does feel great to hold and use.

Honorable Mentions:

The LG L38C has a top speaker that while it does make the thickness a little more than the LG L96g for instance, it is a nice feature for when you want to use the speaker phone. Also, keep in mind this phone is on the lower side of the Androids but we have it on good authority that the 800 MHZ processor actually clocked in at nearly 1 GHZ which means this mini phone has a mighty punch.


The LG L38G from Straight Talk is a very good economical option especially with Straight Talk’s unlimited $45 a month plan. Since this is a CDMA phone, it is going to work with Verizon towers so make sure you have good Verizon coverage before you buy it.

Find out if the LG Optimus Dynamic is available in your area

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